Happy Star Wars Day!

As it’s May 4th, we should all remember how amazing Carrie Fisher was and how she was an advocate for mental health issues. She taught so many people to find acceptance in themselves when it came to their mental health and to never let anyone tell you can’t do a damn thing because of it. She was so unapologetic for not only being Bipolar but being a woman in Hollywood. She was a gift and treasure. As someone who battles with mental health issues and constantly feels ashamed and out of place because of it, I have always been really inspired by her and the way she molded her life out of what she dealt with. How she created everyday out of the very thing that always feels like my downfall. I aspire to live like that, to take my struggles and make something great from them.

Remembering The Self Rescuing Princess Thank you, Carrie. 
And May The Fourth Be With You ✨


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