Mental Health 🌻

May Mental Health Q/A #1 🌻 

Anonymous said:

“Is someone with diagnosed ADHD a nurotypical? what is a nuerotypical person? I don’t want to be using the word to describe the wrong thing”


This is often debated, but.. No. Someone with ADHD is not neurotypical. 

Neuro means nervous system, or brain, and typical means normal, or usual.

People with ADHD do not have a ‘normal brain’, their brain has ADHD. 
It ‘diverges’ from what is normal, meaning they’re neurodivergent.

It’s often used to say ‘not autistic’ but we already have a word for that – allistic.

Essentually, neurotypical would describe anyone that does not have any mental illnesses or disorders or absolutely anything wrong with their brain.


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