Hello Spoonies!  💛 

This is a update: 

Things have been rough these past couple months.. I stopped fighting for the right to get medical help for my symptoms..  things slowed down I wasn’t feeling the pain as much I wasn’t having heart flutters…but I recently got worse again. They started back up. I started blacking out at work and passing out more and more.. so my dad decided we are going back to the doctors and we are fighting for my health and aren’t backing down this time! I am finding this hard but I need to feel better some how I have a life I want to live can’t do that sicker then I already am.  I’m sorry I’ve been gone a long time Spoonies! I’m wishing you all the best and I promise to update more. As I get back to myself again. Until then I’m sending love and spoons your way!💛


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