Chronic Illness

Real talk!

Let’s just real talk here for a bit.

Chronic illness blogs, mine included, often straddle a weird line between being cryptically optimistic and decidedly depressing at the same time, which isn’t an entirely inaccurate way to talk about living sick. We all talk about the idea of being tired of being tired, and what that looks like for each of us. It’s crazy that the same amount of metaphorical spoons means different things for each of us. Healthy or not, every being on this planet is very much on a deadline to get our living in while we can. And at times it seems almost impossible to do. It takes so much mental energy for me to accept my life with a chronic illness, so much more when I have taken a step back. It takes so much to work on acceptance and re-prioritizing my life expectations and being ‘okay’ with where I am

If you want to hear more about acceptance. Check out my blog post at 4:30❤️

Sending spoons 🥄 and love 💕

Alyx Louise


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