Hard Reality

The problem with chronic illness is that no matter how badly you need or want a break, there is no way for you to get one. You can’t take a vacation and leave it behind like a stressful job or annoying family. You carry it with you and have to accommodate it every day for… Continue reading Hard Reality


Taking care of yourself during the 17-18 school year! 🌸

You know how easy it is to forget about taking care of yourself. With deadlines, homework, projects and everything in between, it seems like there is very little time left to yourself! So, here are some of my tips for taking care of myself during the school year! (Disclaimer: This is aimed more towards college… Continue reading Taking care of yourself during the 17-18 school year! 🌸

Mental Health 🌻

May Mental Health Q/A #1 🌻 

Anonymous said: "Is someone with diagnosed ADHD a nurotypical? what is a nuerotypical person? I don't want to be using the word to describe the wrong thing" Answer This is often debated, but.. No. Someone with ADHD is not neurotypical.  Neuro means nervous system, or brain, and typical means normal, or usual. People with ADHD… Continue reading May Mental Health Q/A #1 🌻 

Mental Health 🌻

Nuero Typical/Divergents 

               Fidget Spinners  I hear a lot of controversy with fidget spinner's how they're very helpful stimming is necessary for autistic people and people with ADHD, and anxiety, and many other ND things. Stimming help to regulate sensory input, to concentrate, fidget spinners being the biggest way and increasingly… Continue reading Nuero Typical/Divergents